Aleksandar Rodic

by Yara El-Sabagh

Aleksandar Rodic is Fiege’s Global CIO, responsible for the entire IT organization in the roles of C(I/D/T)O. In this position, he has been transforming FIEGE into a tech- first company since 2019. The first tear automotive sector was his corporate home for eight years prior to joining Fiege.  In 2010, he joined Fiege as the Strategic Regional IT Manager, and in 2014 he became the Head of IT. It was during this time that he implemented the corporate IT Information Management & SAP logistics and digital transformation domains at FIEGE. Currently he focuses on leadership, agility and tech first company transformation. Towards the success of FIEGE and its IT strategy, his main slogan is “IT is Business and Business is IT”.

Aleksandar Rodic believes that the foundation of any organization rests not only on digitalization and innovation but primarily on its people and how they utilize technology. His belief is that empathetic leadership is key to building bridges between IT and business, and that the trust gained in that

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