Birst Inc.

by Katharina Konstacky-Degasperi

Birst Inc.
45 Fremont Street, 18th Floor. San Francisco, CA 94105  |  www.birst.com

Birst is the world’s most advanced networked business analytics platform. Organizations can now achieve a new level of trusted insight and decision making by connecting their data and people via a network of analytics services. Birst scales from individuals to the enterprise in a manner that is smarter, more connected, and more scalable than any previous analytics and business intelligence platform. Learn more at www.birst.com and join the conversation @BirstBI.

On Nov. 29, 2016, Birst launched Birst 6, the next evolution of its networked business analytics platform that empowers business users to connect to a new level of trusted insights.

With Birst 6, business users can transform raw data into connected insights quickly and effortlessly. Connected insights means people can connect their prepared data to a network of analytics, enriching their own insights and those of others throughout the organization via Birst’s enterprise-scale, multi-tenant cloud architecture. Only Birst enables people to extend their analytics, data models and visualizations through a seamless, networked integration of data and analytics deployments across their organizations.