Crayon Austria GmbH

by Annecilla Sampt

Crayon Austria GmbH
Am Europaplatz 2, 1120 Wien |  T +43 720 303025  | E office.at@crayon.com | www.crayon.com

Crayon is the preferred partner on the digitalization journey. With unique IP, tools and expertise, we help clients optimize ROI from their complex IT investments. We have the world’s largest independent cloud economics practice and a deep expertise with big data that dovetails perfectly with our artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies.

Our emerging technologies are specifically honed to create true business value for our customers and those successes have garnered us many awards, including being named Microsoft’s No. 1 Partner of the Year for AI and ML worldwide.

In addition, our vast knowledge of volume software licensing optimization, IoT, digital engineering and predictive analytics all serve to guide clients along every step of their digital transformation. We are a fast-growing firm based in Oslo, Norway with more  than 1,500 employees in 45 offices around the world.