Greg Dolphin

by Agnes Hartl

Director of Global Support

Greg Dolphin is the Director of Global Support at LexisNexis, a leading global provider of legal information and analytics. Greg has been instrumental in enhancing employee digital experience by leveraging metrics, data, and feedback to drive outcomes and values across the organisation. Over the past four years, he has driven the transformation of the IT support teams from a reactive, firefighting approach to a more efficient data-driven, proactive support model. In addition to his leadership role, Greg also heads a Proactive Engineering team that is at the forefront of shaping the future of IT support, using predictive analytics and automations to deliver cutting-edge business solutions. His expertise and innovative strategies have led him to present to esteemed companies such as IKEA, Chanel, United Utilities, and Vestas, discussing the Proactive Support strategy at LexisNexis.


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