Henning Schmidt

by Nora Wantke

Henning Schmidt is HRS Group’s VP Data Science and Strategy. Henning joined HRS in 2010 to help building HRS Group’s data and analytics capabilities, from setting up teams, initial infrastructure and data warehouses, to building data products that re-invent how business work, stay, and pay.

In his current role, Henning focusses on designing and implementing data services/ -products that optimize HRS’ customers’ lodging program integratedly along “5S” dimensions of savings, satisfaction, security, safety and sustainability. These products support companies during procuring lodging services, give travelers recommendations for their perfect hotel for each stay, leverage payment data to optimize procurement & booking recommendation quality, and enable companies to monitor and enhance travel program performance end-to-end.

Henning holds a PhD in Mathematics, and worked at car rental company Avis and Lufthansa Airlines before joining HRS.