8 ways how IT managers can make the world a better place

by Annecilla Sampt

In times of change, many of our life support systems are on the brink of change.  

Corona crisis, climate change, educational reform, financial crises, refugee flows, healthcare and trade wars – our society is facing a variety of challenges. IT can be part of the solution in many of these battles. A clear mandate for IT management to act? 

  • What can IT managers do to help overcome the current social challenges? 
  • How much social responsibility do you have as a manager, as a technologist, as a person? 
  • What possibilities do you have as an IT manager to make the world better? 
Here are 8 ways how IT managers can make the world a better place: 

The entire factsheet, compiled by the Confare CIO ThinkTank, can be found in Confare Blog.


In these 3 fields of action, the CIO has the opportunity to reach people, to shape the actions of the company and to have an effect on the positive development of society by:  

  1. making the technology and its use in the company sustainable, ethical and people-friendly. That means true digital leadership. 
  2. using technology to save energy, CO2 and offering employees a future-proof work environment and customers a positive experience.

The 3Rs of sustainable use of resources (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) can be supported by modern technology. Modern means of communication can reduce the travel needs of employees. 

  1. by being a role model for management, employees, customers and peers. As a CIO you have an entire IT ecosystem of partners, institutions, suppliers and peers that you can take with you on this trip. 

In the digital age, nobody is successful all by himself. IT management in particular operates in a broad eco-system made up of manufacturers, integrators, start-ups, consultants and peers. Platforms such as the Confare ThinkTank and the Confare #CIOSUMMIT are also suitable for exchanging information across company boundaries. Above all, soft skills and human qualities count. Only those who deal with their suppliers in a fair manner can expect a true co-creation process for innovation to start. Even if we are dominated by day-to-day business and business requirements, it makes sense right now to deal with the special opportunities that our own role offers. CIOs become part of the solution.  

Let’s meet at Confare’s next CIO meeting point. Confare CIOSUMMIT and the CIOAWARD ceremony in Vienna – Swiss Confare CIOSUMMIT and the Swiss CIOAWARD ceremony in Zurich – #CIO2020: CIO OF THE DECADE in Frankfurt – Innovative CIO 


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