Krisztina Juvancz

by Bianca Bogad-Frey
Kristina Juvancz

Tribe Lead Infrastructure Services
A1 Telekom Austria AG

#FemaleIT Mentorin @ Confare #CIOSUMMIT Salzburg

#FemaleIT Mentorin @ Confare #CIOSUMMIT Wien


When I began my career in IT 16 years ago, we relied on hard-coded legacy solutions stored on monolithic systems. Witnessing the evolution of technology towards more flexible and scalable solutions has been akin to witnessing a natural phenomenon. This evolution is not unlike the transition from single-cell to multi-cell organisms seen in web 2.0.

Take, for example, the container workload management in the cloud. Its ability to self-replicate and adapt mirrors the processes observed in natural organisms, ones that enable biological entities to survive in a changing environment. Natural systems are known for their flexibility, adaptability and compartmentalization.

In contrast to the rigid, mechanical nature of legacy systems reminiscent of 1950s sci-fi robots, modern solutions have transformed into dynamic, self-regulating entities.

I am thrilled to be part of this transformative journey. I firmly believe that many of today’s challenges, such as the climate crisis and global inequality, can be addressed by leveraging machine-assisted processes to augment human intellect.


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Confare #FemaleIT Mentorin:

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am 08. Oktober 2024
in Salzburg, Zentrum der Visionen

Confare #FemaleIT Mentorin:

18. Confare #CIOSUMMIT Wien 2025

am 26-27. März 2025
in Wien, METAStadt

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