Omar Khawaja

by Nora Wantke

Omar is a data & analytics thought leader with over 20+ years of experience in the consumer goods and life sciences industry. Omar is passionate about data, end user experience & value creation. He has multiple years of experiences in designing, building and operating data & analytics platforms with a lens of self-serving approach to enable the data product teams. Recently, his focus has been to create reusable data products for better outcomes for end-users, business & customers using data mesh paradigm.

Omar currently leads the BI & Analytics Solution & Services teams for Roche Diagnostics and spearheading the implementation of data mesh as part of the execution of the BI & Analytics Strategy.

Before joining Roche, Omar worked at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland, where he has performed various roles over the last ten years. Originally from Pakistan, Omar first started at Novartis in his home country, where he was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for more than two years. He then moved to Switzerland in 2012 as CIO for Novartis Pharma Services (Exports Headquarters for Novartis) and also became IT Lead for the Exports Operations of Alcon, the Eye Care Division. He held other roles like the Regional Business Partner for emerging markets, and spent the last 4 years at Novartis in data & insights roles. He led the sales insights team in the Commercial IT organization and prior to joining Roche, he was leading the commercial analytics team as part of the Analytics Center of Excellence for Novartis.

Omar is also an active member of the LinkedIn data & analytics community. You can also listen to his other podcast interviews & webinars. For fun, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking and reading.