Pascal Evertz

by Annecilla Sampt
Pascal Evertz

Pascal Evertz  |  Best Value Trainer A+  |  Buyers United BV, Amsterdam

Pascal Evertz (’70) – Positive and entrepreneurial mind-set, commercially and legally VERY strong. Thinking in solutions and process optimizations to achieve sustainable savings. Pleasant team player and visionary procurement leader.

Over the past 20 years I have gained a broad Procurement knowledge in many categories and developed a strategic sourcing attitude. The past few years I have been hired in several roles, mainly as interim procurement manager, senior buyer, project buyer or sourcing consultant. All my previous clients would hire me again. I am used to work in different environments, varying from multinationals like Heineken, Randstad and Air-Franc KLM to large SMB companies or (semi) governmental organizations.

During a large number (300+) Procurement projects I have learned many theoretical and practical skills during execution and implementation, ranging from managing procurement or project teams to achieving outstanding saving results by identifying and utilizing expertise related to the field of outsourcing. Besides successfully completing an international procurement leadership program in 2017, I always have a passion for the dynamics of IT sourcing and procurement, where different business disciplines complement each other and strive for strong long term relationships. I have built a strong buyers and suppliers network. Especially in the area of indirect spend such as IT, Professional Services, MarCom and facility services.

Since 2012, I have been educated in the “Best Value Approach” (BVA). Passed all exams which are needed for the highest certification level (A+). My tutor is the founder of the Best Value philosophy, Prof. Dr. Dean Kashiwagi. In 2013 I also joined the Best Value board for further development in the Best Value Approach.