Confare Swiss #CIOAward 2024

by Cansu Karacan

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Confare, in cooperation with EY and the magazine Computerworld, awards the title “Swiss CIO of the Year” to honor IT managers who have successfully supported their company’s goals through a consistent IT strategy, while also offering their employees attractive prospects and providing optimum service to users and clients. An independent jury of experts will select the deserving IT manager of the year. The Confare Swiss #CIOAward will be presented at the 13th Confare Swiss CIO & IT-Manager Summit on 25th of September 2024 in Zurich. 

For the winners of the last few years, the Swiss #CIOAward was more than just an award… It was:

  • Fame and honor: The process of nomination and the submission of documents means that the nominee undergoes an intensive examination of what he/she has achieved and is going to achieve.
  • Future negotiations: In future negotiations, you stand there with the tailwind of an award that is presented by a top-class jury!
  • Place in the Hall of Fame of the best IT managers in the country: Sometimes the next career step is already waiting for the Swiss #CIOAward winners.
  • Employer Branding: Young professionals want to work in a modern IT-department. This award represents an inspiring and cool IT!

Want to know more about previous winners? You can read more about this in our Confare Blog.

Deadline for submission is on 30th of June 2024

Submit your own documents or nominate someone else for the Confare Swiss #CIOAward 2024

Nominate yourself here or nominate your fellow colleagues of the IT Sector for the Confare Swiss #CIOAward 2024

Michael Ghezzo Unterschrift
Confare Logo TN

Mag. Michael Ghezzo
Geschäftsführer, Eigentümer  |  Confare GmbH


Jan Leitermann
Head of Technology Consulting Switzerland |  EY

Members of the jury
Stella Gatziu Grivas, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW

Prof. Dr. Stella Gatziu Grivas
Professorin am Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik  |  Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW

Christian Russ

Dr. Christian Russ
Dozent & Studiengangsleiter | ZHAW School of Management and Law – Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik

Markus Köpfli

Markus Köpfli
Confare Swiss CIO of the year 2023
Head Digital Business Services / Group CIO | Mettler-Toledo

Reinhard Riedl

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl
Mitbegründer & Verwaltungsrat | all-acad.com AG

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe
Professor  |  Universität Zürich

Jan Leitermann
Head of Technology Consulting Switzerland |  EY

Alec Joannou

Alec Joannou
Confare Swiss #CIOAward Gewinner 2021
Global CIO | ABB

The winners of the Confare Swiss #CIOAward 2023 …

Michael Nussbaumer

Michael M. Nussbaumer
#TopCIO des Jahres 2023
Regionalwerke AG Baden

Markus Köpfli

Markus Köpfli
Confare Swiss CIO of the year 2023

Marc Pfeiffer

Marc Pfeiffer
#TopCIO des Jahres 2023
Steuerverwaltung des Kantons Bern

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