3 most important tips to IT Managers who need to face digital transformation

by Annecilla Sampt

Milan Kumar is the CIO at WABCO. He has brought digital transformation to a long standing automotive company with a clear Digital Strategy  and with the introduction and quick deployment of such technologies as Robotic Process Information (RPA).  Thanks to this, he is considered as a promising candidate for the Confare Swiss CIO AWARD 2019, which will be presented on 11 September in Zurich in collaboration with EY and Computerworld.

Confare Swiss CIO Award 2019

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How are companies affected by Digital Transformation?


The greatest challenge faced by enterprises dealing with digitization is the question of how they will stay relevant in response to big change and the industry disruption. I have closely observed and have been an integral part of various disruptions happening in digital transformation in Europe and other countries. Today with every sector investing heavily in technology and with myself and other CIO’s having a seat at the table, global business partners start and continue to collaborate more in areas of Digital.

What were the key aspects of business transformation?

  • Digital technology enables IT to deliver the right quick solutions to business challenges on both the internal and external markets
  • Knowing the new technology trends enables us to engage, change the mindset and create awareness with the key business partners globally
  • Showing and understanding the processes value add as well as benefits for end customer internally and externally

What role did IT have during this transformation process? What has since changed within the tasks and organization of IT?

IT created a specific Digital team focusing on key new technologies, setting up IT labs around the globe to promote awareness, and identified key Digital Ambassadors to work with the business partners cross functionally and globally. Having these IT Digital Ambassadors enables IT to get the voice of Digital out and introduce new technologies and gather business use cases and needs and by setting up quick agile proof of concepts.

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What are your 3 most important tips to IT Managers who need to face such a transformation?

  • Become a Digital Ambassador
  • Change management – embrace it
  • Learning and unlearning by up-skilling, re-skilling and awareness

How would you determine the future role of the CIO?

As a technology leader in any organization, a CIO needs to:

  • Define the Digital vision
  • Develop the Digital business strategy
  • Continue to build the Digital mode of operation with fully allocated resources for execution and timely delivery
  • Ensure Rapid development and deployment
  • Enable Change management

What does the Confare SWISS CIO Award mean to you personally?

The Confare Swiss CIO Award means acknowledgement not only for me but also for my team, who has worked hard embracing the Digital Vision globally. At the same time it’s the confirmation, that we are on the right track and a motivation for other business functions to accelerate the Digital journey.

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