Alexandra Beckstein

by Agnes Hartl

QAI Ventures AG / Startup Ecosystem Lead uptownBasel

Alexandra Beckstein is Co-founder of QAI Ventures, a company focused on ecosystem building by providing investment and acceleration of Quantum and AI startups. She is leading the investment activities and is also heading the company. In the QuantumBasel project, out of which the company was born, she was responsible for the strategy development as well as building the startup ecosystem. A geoscientist by training with advanced education in business and leadership she has worked in her professional career for both startups, SMEs and government. She was founder of her own company in Berlin in the field of renewable energy and is author of the book: “Bossing it- The future belongs to the bold.” She is driven by the conviction that technology is a key to solving many global challenges and that ecosystems must replace the traditional ego-systems.



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