Marco Xaver Bornschlegl

by Annecilla Sampt
Marco Xaver Bornschlegl

Dr.-Ing. Marco Xaver Bornschlegl |  Bereichsleiter IT-Services / CISO, Prokurist   |  STRABAG BRVZ GmbH & Co. KG 

Dr.-Ing. Marco Xaver Bornschlegl has several years’ experience in different IT management positions and in various national and international IT infrastructure projects (like, e.g., connection of decentralized project sites, implementation of an identity management solution, e-mail and data center migration, automation, or cloud authentication projects) within large international constructing, engineering, and services groups. Since 2016, he is CISO and leads the business unit IT-Services as an authorized representative with general power of attorney of STRABAG BRVZ GmbH & Co. KG, an internal service provider of STRABAG SE. In this context, he is responsible for the worldwide IT infrastructure within the STRABAG Group including data center operation, hosting and cloud services, network services, connectivity services, client services, and security topics. Moreover, he is a habilitation candidate at the University of Hagen.

Marco Xaver Bornschlegl received his B.Sc. degree in applied computer science and his M.Sc. degree in information technology at the Mannheim university of applied sciences and was a fellow in the Klaus Murmann Fellowship programme of the foundation of the German economy (Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft, sdw), which is directed toward outstanding, socially committed students and doctoral candidates who exhibit potential for taking on leadership responsibilities in business and society, until successful completion of his studies. Furthermore, he received two additional scholarships (Mannheim Model Mid-Tier Industry Scholarship), from leading companies in the metropolitan area Rhein-Neckar. He completed his bachelor and master studies with honors and for his master thesis he received an award from a leading German engineering association (IfKom e.V.). At the SEDE 2017 conference in San Diego, CA, his research paper has been distinguished with the best paper award and he completed his dissertation with summa cum laude.