Braintribe IT-Technologies GmbH

by Annecilla Sampt

Braintribe IT-Technologies GmbH
Kandlgasse 19-21, 1070 Wien  |  Tel. 01 5440036   |  www.braintribe.com


So we’ve created a platform that rewrites the playbook for data.
We call it Tribefire.

It’s the Smart Data platform for a connected world.

Tribefire operates at the intersection between information and infrastructure.
It integrates, translates and normalizes any kind of data to make it executable, extensible and expressive. To bring life to data and data to life.
This means organisations can keep up with the lightning pace of changing technology and the relentless growth of their data.

It empowers people across every function to fix critical issues; transform systems and processes; and invent disruptive products and platforms.

So they can go from POC to ROI with structure, simplicity and speed.
Liberating them from the inertia of infrastructure and the tyranny of technology.
Run organisations with SaaS, PaaS, DaaS and FaaS and without silos, servers, applications or limits.
Our vision is to create the open source operating system for data that enables a world of data democracy and mass innovation.

To shift us from an era of big data into the era of Smart Data.

To fuel transformation for the innovation generation.
To power new models, platforms and products.
To enable the next generation of digital businesses to change the world.
Because we’re on a mission to build the category-defining Smart Data technology company.

And you’re part of that mission too. In fact, you’re front and centre.