Georg Gesek

by Nora Wantke

George is a seasoned electronics engineer, quantum computer scientist, serial entrepreneur, and technology thought leader with over 25 years of experience in the information and communication technology industry. He is driven by his passion for creating innovative solutions for hard problems by advancing high-performance computing. With QMware, George is responsible for guiding the company’s technology strategy and overseeing the development of cutting-edge products for its hybrid quantum cloud platform. With his leadership, QMware is paving the way for the future of computing by integrating high-performance and quantum processing units to create the first global hybrid quantum cloud. The company’s aim is to integrate technology from both hardware and software providers with its own proprietary quantum computing stack to build commercially valuable applications for hybrid quantum computing. Before co-founding QMware in 2020, George established the technology-leading HPC infrastructure manufacturer Novarion Systems where he serves as CEO. He is widely recognized as an expert in quantum and high-performance computing and has been a speaker at several industry and scientific events.


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