How to win the war for talent: 7 Building Blocks for the Skills, Talent and HR Strategy of a CIO

Out now in Confare Blog: 7 Building Blocks for the Skills, Talent and HR Strategy of a CIO. This is how you win the war for Talent 

For many years, Confare has been dedicated to building a DACH-wide CIO ecosystem for networking and exchanging experiences across companies.

Technology is a decisive success factor in a digitized world. But topics such as Big Data, AI, IoT and security call for specialists. It is already commonplace that expert roles cannot be filled. Many attractive employers are looking for the remaining graduates of technical universities. The CIO Think Tank, initiated by Confare in cooperation with EY, dealt with the most important building blocks of a human resources and talent strategy for IT managers.

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1. Break new ground in recruiting

A lot of people are following the beaten track. Therefore, the potential to find very special or highly sought-after candidates here is small. Anyone looking for alternatives now has a clear advantage. For example, anyone who is prepared to employ people with a migration background, impairments or perhaps older employees will not only open up employee pools that are otherwise unnoticed, but will also make the company more successful. Studies show that teams with pronounced diversity achieve more. To this end, it is advisable to join forces with the HR department in designing and implementing innovative measures together.

2. Create a work environment that meets the needs of a new generation of professionals

An organizational, technical and humane environment has to be created in which creativity, innovation and cooperation is possible. This applies to leadership and corporate culture as well as tools and building architecture.

3. Use employer branding for IT

Modern methods of employer branding, awards such as the CIO AWARD, local initiatives, exciting projects and an attractive business environment, can make a decisive contribution to being perceived as an interesting employer for the right talent.

4. Build Skills and Talent in the Company itself

No matter how hard you try, some specialist profiles will not be found on the job market in one way or another. Some role models are so new that there is no chance of filling them in the normal way. But there are eager to learn, enthusiastic people in the companies who are willing to acquire the corresponding skills.

5. Former employees can be your personnel marketing ambassadors or bring back new experiences – Attention when you on- and offboard employees

Careers are different today. The average time spent in the company decreases dramatically. It is therefore important to build relationships with the people who dock and undock at the company. Where former employees were previously wished to drop dead and all bridges were burned, a one-way street nowadays should become a sustainable network.  Through social media, alumni clubs or simply with a respectful approach, you can achieve a lot here.

6. You will not be successful if you are alone in the digital business – use your ecosystem and your sourcing know-how.

IT has always been used to dealing with numerous suppliers. In many situations, it is not even necessary to bind skills to the company in the long term or to build them up. Partnerships between companies and start-ups, intensive exchange with service providers and manufacturers and the network of CIOs can help to access skills and talents that are no longer available on the job market.

7. Values, vision & purpose make you an attractive employer

In order to have a chance compared with other attractive employers, one thing above all else counts: a moving vision that can inspire employees. Work-life balance, appreciative handling and meaningful work are on the top lists when it comes to motivation and fun at work.

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